From the middle of a deadly tribal war to the crypt inside one of Islam’s holiest shrines, from chasing gazelle in an Iranian desert to a provocative striptease in the women’s quarters, this remarkable memoir takes you into an Iran you will find nowhere else. With a mastery of the Persian language and intimacy with the culture, Wendy Coyle provides a rare glimpse into the subtle and mysterious country that is Iridescent Iran.

Ruth Stone, Pulitzer Prize finalist, National Book Award recipient and poet laureate of Vermont on Iridescent Iran:
“In 1965 Wendy Coyle, a sheltered and newly wed American girl, followed her husband back to his feudal estate in eastern Iran. Her memoir takes us into the private lives of his traditional family and offers a luminous and timely account of Iranian life in the years leading up to the revolution of 1979. Touching and delicate, earthy and bawdy, we see, feel, smell and taste this world as she becomes intimately acquainted with the hidden chambers of one of the world’s oldest cultures. The richness of her language takes you into the experience.”